What to Expect

Lets take a look at what to expect when staying with us

In the Kitchen

Located 8 miles out of town, there is not a restaurant close by to eat at. We allow guests full use of the kitchen. Just remember to clean after yourself and that other people may be waiting to use it after you. 

The kitchen:

  • Keurig
  • Coffee pot
  • Double oven
  • 4 stove burners
  • Indoor grilling/frying surface
  • Outside BBQ
  • Plates/Bowls 
  • Cutlery
  • Slow cooker
  • Pots, pans
  • Blender



In the Rooms

The first thing to expect when staying with us is that the suites are up 3 to 4 flights of stairs. 

The amenities in the rooms:

  • Keurig with coffee and hot chocolate
  • In room fridge 
  • Wine and coffee cups for two 
  • Fireplace on the private balcony 
  • King size bed with down comforter 
  • Mood lighting
  • Direct TV with high definition TV and surround sound stereo 
  • Private bathroom



Outside Amenities

The property encompasses 4 acres of manicured yard and several public porches. These are great areas to meet new people. Here is what to expect when spending time outside. 

  • The covered front porch has a fireplace that is open to use with some nice big cushy chairs to sit in. We just ask that it is not left on unattended and that nothing is thrown into it. 
  • While the back deck gives access to the hot tub, it is also a great place to sit under an umbrella and watch the sun set. 
  • The yard features many yard lights that turn on at night giving it the feeling of a park. 
  • A pond is also found on the property. It features a bridge leading to on island in the middle.  The pond also has a few small fish and a couple of resident turtles.